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Lonnie Gershfeld

Mission Statement:

Mission Statement "We at Datanet strive to be the best business equipment providers in our industry. Caring about how our customers are treated, we understand that nothing matters more than the how you feel.

Effective communication with you will be our formula for success. Reaching for the forefront of technology, we are constantly educating ourselves on tomorrow's innovations.

Primary Benefits:

1. Datanet helps customers to find the right equipment for the job. Your needs are clarified to help you to select the best equipment brand name and model, based on industry experience and awards. We provide delivery, training, and unlimited support. We provide answers to all of your questions, from the initial consultation to delivery.

2. Datanet is your "one stop shop" for all of your copier, printer, and fax needs. Even if you are not purchasing equipment now, we can provide excellent service and discount supplies for your existing copiers, fax, and printers. Our professional servicing of your existing equipment is a great way for us to prove ourselves. When you need equipment down the road, you'll know who to call!

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