The world is forever changed, and the novel COVID-19 pandemic has proven that.

As much as we would like to sweep cyber-attacks, phishing, and spoofing, under the rug; we know that Cybersecurity is something we are being forced to deal with. Many see security as an inconvenience. Internet security typically is challenging for businesses to implement, and some avoid doing so (even the most straightforward and necessary precautions) to secure our computers and network printers. 

One of the most dangerous mentalities to have is to think that your business is too small to become a target of cyber-criminal activity; Or even considering the risk of a hack happening is lower than it really is. The important question is how do you keep your office copiers and printers secure in the workplace? 

With the new work from home environment so many of us are in, cyber crimes and cyber threats have accelerated at an enormous the rate to where compromises are occurring. We are no longer able to just secure things within the four walls of our corporate networks—we must also secure our remote working devices.  

Datanet Consultants provideour clientele with the tools and resources to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover.